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How It Works

Engaged Collaboration. You are our social investors. We are your social investment brokers. Together we will build a pool of financial resources so that we can invest in people, and ideas worth doing through grants and long-term funding.

Social innovators are part of our backbone too and their submission of ideas through the 868Change platform will move us one step further to redefining our spaces. Each project will be selected based on its potential for high-impact or long-term potential for improving lives.

” Our commitment is to ensure that we always communicate what we are doing and why.

We promise to not be risk averse but to be responsible and to always think about where there may be unintended consequences. A top list of ideas will be presented to our social investors to participate in choices around where we invest your money. 868Change Fellows will then be awarded with partial or full funding.


We turn citizen dollars into strategic support for some of Trinidad and Tobago’s most challenging issues.

” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has – Margaret Mead

 Yes, it’s true! Our collaboration can inspire, can make new discoveries, can re-imagine our spaces, can connect communities and can help redefine our country for future generations.

The 868Change platform is creating the conditions necessary to make a big impact. If you dream it, we can help empower you! If you’re an innovator ready to create, the 868Change platform will be your biggest fan. If you are a citizen who wants to take action, then we will use your seed money and amplify it. To make a positive change.