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About Us

868Change is a members organisation comprised of social investors maximizing the impact of their community by directing resources towards innovative solutions for a vibrant and healthy Trinidad and Tobago.

” We are a bold group that will constructively challenge the existing status quo.


A People-led organisation made up of social investors + social innovators.

As citizens deeply concerned about the future of this country, 868CHANGE was formed to be a movement of strategic social investors who have an urge to support progressive ideas in Trinidad and Tobago. Our goal is to support uncommon ideas from passionate citizens to build a vibrant and healthy Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Values

“We are creative, compassionate and committed citizens who are interested building a country that future generations can say, we live in the best place on earth.

Integrity: Accountability + Transparency

We believe we can deliver great results if each of us knows his/her responsibility, be honest and transparent to others at any time.

Fun: Interactive + Passionate + Daring

We are a group of people who are passionate about social change and having fun!

Compassion: Empathy + Inclusion

We are happy to collaborate with members of the society who would like to bring progressive change to the community. We are a team.

Inventiveness: Rethink + Creative + Original

We focus on bringing new solutions to past, existing and new problems. We take pride in expanding the society further by offering fresh perspectives.

Our Story

In 2010, a group of citizens began planning what they thought would be a small conference on ideas worth spreading. This conference, TEDxPortofSpain, operated under a license from It began under the premise to find ideas worth spreading and give them a platform within Trinidad and Tobago. has ranked us as being in the top 1% of TEDx events in the world. Considering that there have been over 13,000 events from 3,000+ cities in 173 countries… that’s pretty huge!  Especially from a little Caribbean island. TED even uses our website as one of two examples of a good website.

Locally, we have struggled to secure the resources we have needed to make the event sustainable. Our audience has always demanded that we move from ideas worth spreading to ideas worth doing. Like many TEDx organizations around the world, we have felt the pressure to move towards ideas worth doing. Ideas worth spreading are not enough. They form part of the puzzle, but to make a difference, we needed to graduate to ideas worth doing. 868CHANGE is the platform through which we plan to do that.

As citizens deeply concerned about the future of this country, we plan to support ideas worth doing. We are a bi-partisan group that hopes to be a spark that contributes to positive social change. Our mission is to find individuals who are breaking new ground and covering issues which will still be relevant and even paramount in the next 50 years.