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A brief overview

How might we strategically move more resources into the social sector?

This is the question at the heart of 868CHANGE. Ideas are powerful, but making them a reality can be very challenging. We are an organization focused on supporting ideas worth doing. We define ourselves as social investment brokers. We are committed to brokering high-impact projects that serve country and community needs. When investors trust their money with us, they are investing in high-impact projects. We act as strategic stewards for citizens who would like to invest in our future.

Born out of TEDxPortofSpain, 868CHANGE has an audacious plan to build a movement of social investors. We are leveraging the strength of our TEDxPortofSpain community to invest strategically in Trinidad and Tobago's future. As citizens, we can no longer wait for governments and private sectors.

We need to spark our future.

As an independent body, we can be a bold group that can constructively challenge the existing status quo. We are accountable to our strategic investors and to the communities we serve. We are serious, committed, and informed citizens, interested in moving the needle on topics that matter.

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